[Cover] on the radio

[Cover] begins in Orkney, where Amy spent a year working at the Pier Arts Centre. BBC Radio Orkney got in touch with her last week to discuss the book, and the interview was broadcast in their morning bulletin on May 20. The interviewer is their Senior Producer Dave Gray, and we’re grateful to them for […]

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[cover] by Amy Todman

‘[Cover]’ is a high quality artists’ book, exploring themes of loss, love and identity. It traces the protagonist’s experience of her father’s death through short statements, reflections on relationships between people, objects and events. It unfolds gradually, bearing witness to the complexity and uncertainty of human relationships, drawing on the thoughts, sketches and words of […]

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A Short History of Brae Editions – Part 1

Part 1: Art critic, one day Years ago a lad came into a gallery in Stromness, and walked its length with what seemed like purpose. Turning a corner, he stood in front of a painting and asked, loudly: Is that supposed to BE something? Then he left. The painting was Amy’s, the exhibition was Small […]

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Fingers Crossed

“Fingers Crossed’ records a series of encounters that began one day when I used the phrase on separate occasions with two students of mine in Orkney, one from Finland and the other Rumanian. Some time later I photographed the gesture as made by each of them and asked them to write down the words in […]

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Ecstatics: a language of birds

“Beautifully uplifting—a perfect union of line and land, word and flight” – Kathleen Jamie Lesley Harrison lived on the Orkney island of Eday for nearly two years, and over time she developed an imaginary map of the island through watching the arrival, migration, wintering and regeneration of the island’s bird population. ‘On Eday, the birds […]

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Milk to Mercury: Three Orkney Nijûin Renga

In August 2008, Alison Flett arranged for Alec Finlay to deliver a renga workshop at the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness. That event inspired an informal series of meetings over the next couple of years at which a group of between four and eight Orkney poets would gather for the day, most often in the very […]

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AP-Burns Hillside Burn, Birsay, Orkney Alistair Peebles 2013 AP-CPA Changed Priorities Ahead Alistair Peebles 2009 AP-Heaps Heaps at the Old Mart Site, Stromness Alistair Peebles 2008 AP-Line I thought I’d send you a line Alistair Peebles 2013 AP-sea air Sea Air Alistair Peebles 2013 AP-SIL Stay in Lane Alistair Peebles 2008 AP-Stroma-Noise Disused sign by […]

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Reading Hölderlin on Orkney

by Harry Gilonis with drawings by Laura Drever This pamphlet comprises a single poem with three drawings which respond to the same place, the island of Hoy in Orkney. The poem first appeared in OAR [Orkney Arts Review] 8 in November1995: a magazine published by Orkney Arts Society from 1987-2001 and edited with others over […]

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Data Stories

‘We have become suffused by ‘The Cloud’ in recent years, by Big Data that seems to rise and accumulate from our activity, off and online. But perhaps data might be otherwise? In this collection, two ethnographers bring together data stories from different data sites: from the marine energy industry, and from the quantified self movement. […]

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