about us

Alistair Peebles has lived and worked in Orkney since 1985. He founded Brae Editions in 2007, initially in association with Porteous Brae Gallery, which he had opened in Stromness. The gallery closed after a fruitful few years, but its exploratory principles of operation, and engagement with matters of landscape and language – aka ‘the Brae’ – continue to guide the imprint. More recently Peebles has also been much occupied in researching the early landscapes of the Scottish poet and artist Ian Hamilton Finlay, particularly with regard to Orkney – and in 2011 he began a research PhD on the topic at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne. These two areas of activity are largely distinct, of course, but as the motivation behind the imprint arose in part from an interest in the work of Finlay’s Wild Hawthorn Press, and as the PhD is partly practice-led, opportunities for crossover are not necessarily resisted. Alistair blogs here.
Amy Todman is an artist and researcher based in Glasgow. In 2008 she spent a year working at the Pier Arts Centre in Orkney, during which time she visited and exhibited at Porteous Brae Gallery. A continuing association with Brae Editions with regard to her forthcoming first book [Cover] was formalised last year when she joined the imprint as creative co-director. Also in 2013 she completed a PhD at the University of Glasgow, which considered the development of early British landscape imagery, an interest that has fostered related concerns for landscape and environment in her creative practice. Most recently this has led her to examine her relationship with repetition, routine and rhythm, through processes such as categorizing, mark-making and partly systematic observations. A recurring concern of hers is with the creative act: above all, with the ways in which the limitations of this act are experienced and understood. Amy blogs here.

You can contact us at info@braeprojects.com